Sunday, December 28, 2008

I did nuttin' for Christmas....

So ahead is my semi-depressing, surprisingly long list of things I didn't do for Christmas. I didn't put up even half of the decorations, just a sad shell of a Christmas tree that has been re-arranged by a one year old at least a thousand times. I didn't bake. Not even sugar cookies and that would be for my benefit entirely, since they are my favorite thing. I didn't send Christmas cards, which is crazy...we had really cute family pictures I could have attached. I didn't go see the lights at temple square, or anywhere else for that matter. I didn't take Quincy to sit on Santa's lap. Every time I went to the mall the lines were so long, I couldn't justify the wait, especially with a busy little girl. I didn't "don" any gay or holiday apparel. I didn't host my annual "Aunt Shi's Christmas Surprise" so I imagine I can no longer call it annual, right? I didn't do neighbor gifts. I didn't fill the stockings. I didn't burn a wonderful smelling holiday candle. I didn't watch ANY holiday movies....not Elf, not Christmas Vacation, not the Grinch...not any of them. I didn't sip hot chocolate. I didn't use holiday paper towels and I forgot about getting the Christmas dishes and swapping them out for the month. I didn't set out the nativity, for fear the pieces would become part of a rousing rendition of "Old McDonald" and end up broken on the kitchen floor. I didn't do a secret Santa for a needy family. So, I think you get the picture......

There are a few things I did do. I did really enjoy Quincy's oohs and ahhs from the back seat when we would drive by homes with great lights and decor. I did sing Christmas songs to her while I was feeding her. I did make it to all of the holiday parties on time and prepared with the assigned dish or treat, even with my husband out of town. (since Sept. ugh.) I did finish all of the shopping, even some for myself since Jayson didn't have shopping options in Wyoming. I did have a peaceful and joyful, although tired, Christmas day with my wonderful family and enjoyed every minute even without all of the extras that I truly love about the holidays.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Quincy turned one on the 2nd. I can't believe I have a one year old. She is so much fun and she makes me laugh. What a funny personality.
We had a Halloween themed birthday party for her. The kids wore their costumes and we had a balloon artist and pinatas and so much junk to eat. We had around 75 people show up to party with us. It was awesome!
I started working again this month. I am doing laser hair removal at Pretige Salon and Spa in Spanish Fork. It is a gorgeous spa. They have put a lot of money into that place. Everyone is so nice there and I am loving it. I get to take Quincy with me to work. I hired a nanny to come with us and watch her while I'm in with clients. So far, it's working out great.....I hope it keeps going well.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

We had some new pictures taken. It was crazy. The smiliest baby in the world would not smile for pictures this time. We tried everything but she was just interested in what everyone was doing....not smiling. Oh well, we got some great shots. I attached them so you can see.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am loving being a mom! Quincy is so much fun and every day is like my birthday. She is doing so many fun things. She is talking a bit and it's hilarious. She can say "Bye bye", "Uh oh", "Da da", "ma ma", "please", "thank you", "snap" and she will Moo like a cow and bark like a dog. She's blowing kisses and plays peek a boo. I can't believe she's grown so quickly. It has almost been a year. In fact, I have started to plan for her first birthday party. An October birthday is going to be so fun. We are going to have a Halloween themed party and I think I'm going to hire a balloon artist to entertain the kids. I can't wait!
So this weekend was the opening of the bow hunt for Jayon. We went camping and had a blast. The weather was perfect. Bryce and Cally came with their twin boys and Derek and Halee brough baby Koven. They are so cute and it was fun for "Q" to have someone to play with. She gets so excited when there are other kids around. She and Treyven kept kissing each other. It was adorable. I love summer and I love being at home with her....even if it's temporary.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

July???...I'm must have missed it.

Okay so seriously, where did July go? I know it's been busy but that was ridiculous! We have been having a fun summer. Camping and swimming and fireworks. It's been great. Quincy got her first teeth. Yes, two in one day! Talk about miserable. She was a bear for a few weeks and I thought I might loose my mind. She is 10 months now and getting around so fast. She will be walking in no time.
Jayson is working hard but luckily he's in town. His boss was killed in a 4 wheeler accident last week and he's been taking it pretty hard. Neither one of us are good at "goodbyes".
It's our Anniversary today. 4 years. We are going to leave Quincy at Grandma's tonight and go out. I'm excited!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Things have been so crazy that I don't know where to begin. We took our trip to California and we had so much fun. Surprisingly, Quincy loved Disneyland. I was sure she would be too little to enjoy it but she had a great time and seemed delighted by everything. I think the beach was her favorite part. I couldn't keep her from eating the sand. It was crazy!!! Handful after handful of sand. She pooped sand for at least a week.
Then we went to Vernal to see Jayson. He's been working there for a while and his company has rented a condo for him to stay in while he's there. We stayed for four days. All I can say!...I'm so glad I don't have to stay there any longer than four days. What a boring, horrible place. We had fun seeing Jayson after work though so it was worth it.
The day we came back from Vernal we left for the Hilton family reunion. It was a camping trip and it ended up being really fun. There are three other babies that are very close to Quincy's age and she had so much fun playing with the kids.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quincy had her first camping trip last weekend. It was still a little cold and windy so we didn't get out of the trailer much but she loved being in a new environment.....except at bed time. There was no sleep for anyone! She loves her crib and it shows when we're out of town. We are going to California in a week and I'm a little nervous about the flight and the sleeping situation. Hopefully, she'll be so worn out.....she'll just crash. I'm excited for her first trip to the beach and Disneyland. Her cousin is Snow White at Disneyland so I'm sure she'll get the princess treatment. I can't wait!